Friday, April 4, 2008

Prologue: Ahmedabad-Heritage

When we talk about ‘Heritage’ the first thing that strikes our mind is ‘Monuments’. Probably, Heritage is the most misunderstood word! Heritage means anything that is inherited from past, preserved in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future. Besides monuments, heritage also means natural heritage (environment and wild life), ethnicity, art, and much more…

We at ‘Friends of Ahmedabad-Heritage’, aim at providing information about places, projects and events taking place in Ahmedabad, revolving around ‘Heritage’.

History of Ahmedabad

On the ancient site of Ashaval and Karnavati, Ahmedabad was founded in 1411. Sultan Ahmed Shah founded the city of Ahmedabad in 1411 A.D. Ahmedabad in its 600 years of history witnessed many changes. The Mughals conquered Ahmedabad in 16th century. Marathas ruled over it for a brief period before British made it a province.

Trade, commerce and finance shaped the trademark of this city. Trade of indigo, muslins and opium thrived. The financial system of ‘Hundi’ originated here.

Ahmedabad is famous as the ‘Manchester of India’, for the business insight of its citizens. Local businessmen are known worldwide for their famous ‘Mandwali’ approach. ‘Mandwali’ means to arrive at a common compromise when a dispute arises in a business transaction.

With technological advancement, ‘Walled City of Ahmedabad’, ‘Pol Culture’, ‘Monuments’, ‘Historical Places’ and much of its ethnic prosperity are taken for granted. To keep Ahmedabad’s culture and tradition flourishing, we need to come together and take our city to further heights.