Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ahmedabad is proudly set on rich archaeological history at its backdrop. Archaeological explorations have revealed existence of Late Stone Age tools. The disappearance of Stone Age Era is yet to be discovered.

Ahmedabad acknowledges its establishment to 14th Century ruler Ahmed Shah. Due to increasing dangers in his old capital Anahilwad-Patan, Ahmed Shah established his new Sultanate at Ahmedabad on the banks of river Sabarmati. Ahmedabad, named after its ruler Ahmed Shah, flourished also because of trade and commerce among other things.

It is suggested that dispersed agrarian villages were hemmed in by the Darwajas (Gateways), which are now protected by state. The well-preserved city Darwajas, in 10-km circuit, comprised 12 Darwajas believed to be constructed during Mughal Era. 2 Darwajas were believed to be added during British Era.

It is interesting to Quiz ourselves about the names of Darwajas and their locations. The names of all Darwajas are given below:

1. Delhi Darwaja
2. Dariapur Darwaja
3. Kalupur Darwaja
4. Sarangpur Darwaja
5. Raipur Darwaja
6. Astodia Darwaja
7. Jamalpur Darwaja
8. Khanjahan Darwaja
9. Raikhad Darwaja
10. Khanpur Darwaja
11. Shahpur Darwaja (Demolished)
12. Dhediya Darwaja (Closed)
13. Prem Darwaja (British Era)
14. Panchkuwa Darwaja (British Era)

Shahpur Darwaja, Delhi Darwaja and Dariapur Darwaja located on the north, Kalupur Darwaja, Sarangpur Darwaja and Raipur Darwaja located on the east, Astodiya Darwaja, Jamalpur Darwaja and Dhediya Darwaja (Closed) on the south and Khanjahan Darwaja, Raikhad Darwaja and Khanpur Darwaja on the west.

Lal Darwaja (Not in existence) and Teen Darwaja were built during Mughal Era but are not considered as part of original Fort Area. Two more Darwajas were added in the last century, the Prem Darwaja on north-east in 1864 and Panchkuwa Darwaja on east in 1871.

In front of the Bhadra citadel stands the triple arched gateway or Teen Darwaja. The Sultans would watch processions move from the palace to the Jumma Masjid from Teen Darwaja.

Originally, Ahmedabad also had three Baris (Windows):

1. Ganesh Bari
2. Ram Bari
3. Halim Bari

Ganesh Bari is located at Ellisbridge and Ram Bari is located near Vasant Chowk, Bhadra. Ganesh Bari is under restoration. Halim Bari was located in Shahpur Area which is now closed.